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“Passion; it is what drive us all. Being able to convey and inspire others to use the tools out there is exceptional.”

Elizabeth’s subject matter is diverse, and adaptable and she can really customize a presentation to whatever suits you or your event. With 15 years of online marketing experience she was an SEO practitioner in the early days of Lycos. Results and presentations based upon metric and measurement she carves out justifiable presentations.

Incorporating dynamic and interactive presentations she engages the audience with intent of identifying algorithms and principles that keep with best practices alive while encouraging growth and motivating others to be agents of change.

She is as comfortable one-on-one as she is with groups of hundreds—and well-equipped to customize presentations to both the event and the audience at hand, even on the fly.

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Menu of Topics

Most Popular Presentation

    • Let’s take the “Outside – In” approach! Find value in a positive “User Experience”. Discover that “Engagement” naturally increases conversion. Use the metrics and digital tools that enhance your business.

Social Media Speaker Topics

  • Building communication bridges within your enterprise.
  • -10 ways social media tools can compliment your current marketing strategy.
  • -Building a social media team.

Research and Strategy

  • -Defining Your Community and Content “Sweet Spot”.  7 Elements that Define Your Community Development and Content Curation Strategy
  • -Deciphering your goals online. – Best practices and strategy are not the same!
  • -The Bottom Line: Do you know what yours looks like?
  • -Elements of a holistic ecosystem.

Reporting and Implications

  • -Defining Goals not Measurements
  • -Define your User’s Experience online. This is the “Age of the Consumer’.

Social Tools for Small Business

  • -LinkedIn Strategies; 25 Ways to Maximize Using Linkedin and Differentiate You From Your Peers
  • -Facebook Survival Guide -Launching with a resounding sense of professionalism
  • -Corporate verses personal Branding

Presentation Topics – Enhanced Descriptions

The Age Of The Consumer

User Experience should define a pivotal element of your lead cycle.

Your corporate communications only reflects half of the first impression you put out there. The “Real Life” experience overwhelmingly triumphs any corporate communications including the CEO’s point of view. We are in business to do business.
Finally, we evaluate from an “outside – in” point of view. We use the IRL (in real life) human experience through your corporate communications to improve how your client is view and interpreted by potential customers.

Social Media Speaker Topics

Building communication bridges within your enterprise.

Wiring social media and communication tools to enable a business to function within a optimal framework. Discuss how policies, marketing, legal, human resources and more departments need to work together to meet the needs of growth of an organization as a whole. Let’s look at your online business strategy as a whole.

10 ways social media tools can compliment your current marketing strategy.

Social media tools when used properly can enhance the traditional marketing fundamentals that you are already implementing. Discuss a solid infrastructure where social media ca be used to build bigger. Building a social media team.  Who to employ with growth in mind.

Research and Strategy

Defining Your Community and Content “Sweet Spot”.

7 Elements that Define Your Community Development and Content Curation Strategy

Lets discuss ‘listening”, retaining that research and constructing it into a solid plan for your community’s growth. Tool and tips to enhance your online community strategy and give your content a pulse.

We cover how many companies go after the big guns in the online community versus looking for the people that already care about the brand in question and are passionate about it. She feels those people in particular provide the most powerful influencers.

Deciphering your goals online. – Best practices and strategy are not the same!

Identify when common sense of an online marketing veteran is necessary to improve your strategy.Maximize your time management. Know when you need a ‘technology upgrade” to manage and monitor your efforts online.

The Bottom Line: Do you know what yours looks like?

In this presentation, learn not only how to identify and articulate your core purpose, but also strategies for turning the mission into money. How to integrate earned and paid media, digital and social in a solid lead funnel. (7-11 tips format).

Elements of a holistic ecosystem.

Identify an ariel view of your business online that feeds your leads. Using this system define your realistic goals in comparison to your competitors. Identify common technologies that are elemental and that feed the the pulse of your business. We cover an overview of key elements (search marketing and social) that should be present in current online marketing plans.

Reporting and Implications

Defining Goals not Measurements

Embrace the data streaming off the web. Engaging, listening, etc. are worthy if only the implications are understood within your organization. You individual definition of success will differ from another. Making sense of your data don’t just collect data. Shed insights into your organization as a whole not as a silo. Define your strategy by looking at the all the measurements you currently collect. (Search marketing, conversions and social in mind)

Define your User’s Experience online. This is the “Age of the Consumer”.

Connect with the customer. From a hybrid approach we discuss how all humans in your organization define your user experience. Shed insights How to use social media tools to enhance and evaluate your current lead funnel. We try to with one set goal in mind; achieving “Right place and the right time” model.

Social Tools for Small Business (shorter sessions)

LinkedIn Strategies; 25 Ways to Maximize Using LinkedIn and Differentiate You From Your Peers

As some social tools rise to the top in is important to maintain your personal identity across the presence online. Linkedin offers a diversity of options that surpasses it pears. Learn how you can tweak your profile to appear more often search results and be an accurate representation of yourself.

Additional, discuss several ways to use LinkedIn to communicate with potential clientele.

Facebook Survival Guide -Launching with a resounding sense of professionalism

Whether corporate or personal a Facebook presence is a requirement even on some level. Defining the value of Facebook ad placement.

Corporate Verses Personal Branding

Finding synergy and balance between your corporate brand and your personal brand. Enabling your employees the freedom to express themselves with compliance policy in mind.

Although Elizabeth covers many verticals some particular favorites include retail, shopping centers, entrepreneurial, enhancing business, mobile, entertainment, heath-care, compliance and others.

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“I worked closely with Elizabeth while we both served on the board of the American Marketing Association. It was a pleasure to work with someone that has such high energy and enthusiasm for new and fresh ideas as I. She has solid expertise in seeing the big picture and how to connect the dots between the different marketing strategies from offline to online and social media. Witnessing her impressive work on the board as well as her accomplishments for her clients through her role at Pragmatic marketing, I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with effective implementation of social media into the marketing mix.”

Richard Saling, VP of Education and Member, American Marketing Association (AMA), Phoenix Chapter

“Liz is an expert in social media. She is consistently ahead of the curve in terms of new technology and trends in media. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for guidance on how to build a tremendous amount of awareness through social media and social networks with an integrated strategy.”

Mark Yeager, Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Pragmatic Marketing

“Elizabeth is amazing. She has the passion and skills to stay on top of the ever-changing work of Social Media. Her creativity, expertise, and diligence have successfully placed Pragmatic Marketing on the Social Media map. A direct result of her efforts is an explosion of growth in the Pragmatic Marketing web community. What a Goldmine!”

John Springfield,Product Manager at CCH, a Wolters Kluwer company

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