What’s Your Story?

What makes you memorable and compelling? Defining your brand, your voice, your story is a required element in your entrepreneurial growth.

Bio and Platform

Raised in suburbia Long Island, New York she was always fascinated with the mechanics of systems and the algorithms that produce solid social business growth. So enticed by how people communicate, interact and business resources she began her life is a serial entrepreneur the age of 13 starting a neighborhood landscaping company. As all the other girls were interested in Girls Scouts she was running the neighborhood landscaping company. Given the technology that exists today was not as readily available as back then and access to a Tandy was limited.

“Without Challenges and Failures There Is No Learning Curve and No Sense of Success”

Raised by a political cartoonist and a research and developmental cosmetic chemist lead to an interesting tv free childhood. It also meant as a child you had to make your own creative fun and entertain yourself daily. Elizabeth notoriously took everything apart she could get her hands on at a young age. Mom was never a fan when the vacuum cleaner was in pieces. Nothing much was safe; toasters, irons, lawnmower, all TVs all met with a dissection. The reoccurring issue was that few items were put back together successfully and functioned again.

Elizabeth always did the opposite of what she was told by her mother to do.quote from mom.

Age 13Swirly Lawn Shapes

The entrepreneurial gene kicked in. On Saturday and Sundays Elizabeth would mow any lawn she could push her lawnmower too in the neighborhood. The folks stated you had to stay within a three block radius so they could always hear the mower clearly. If I was off for too long they would come looking for me.

A Conch Shell
Elizabeth’s father would use a conch shell to call her home when it was time. A shell when blown into generates one of those unique sounds that can be heard over the roar of a mower.

“I enjoyed the directional patterns the lawns were mowed in at Yankees and Mets stadium. The zigzags were very visually appealing. I could not understand why everyone didn’t mow different shapes into their own lawns. A lot of integrity can be found in completing a project and being able to see the difference when you’re done.”

Mowing lawns was Elizabeth’s first true entrepreneurial venture. Elizabeth’s idea of mowing shapes into the neighborhood lawns and trimming shrubs to match became a very popular item. Soon Elizabeth employed a neighbor’s fourteen year old boy helped her cut all the lawns on Saturdays and Sundays. This went on for several summers until she sold her client list to her employee and he took it over.

Age 16The Barn
In between work and school Elizabeth volunteered at the local barn rehabbing race horses. In exchange for English Hunter- Jumper lessons Elizabeth fed the 50 horses in the barn several nights a week.

At University Elizabeth studied cultural anthropology and communications with an emphasis on how people interact and evolve in traditional tribal communities. This interest in a commonality amongst cultures in the evolution of tribal behavior what types of communication build trust over overlapped with a spike of online technologies that were emerging began the beginning of a 15 year online marketing career.

Age 21 First Online Marketing Job
Jumping into the New York City fashion industry was in intensive fast-paced career wake-up call when direct marketing was still popular. Before inception of online communication and social networks, communication between an international textile business and mannequin manufacturing was extremely limited. Joining a 100-year-old company that sold mannequins directly to name-brand designers and textiles that are all manufactured overseas poised an interesting challenge. The goal was what is the best way to disseminate important information in an efficient way to potential clientele as well as sourcing raw goods from overseas.

Since college Elizabeth has mentored dozens of Inc 5000 businesses how to use the tools technology brings to better their user’s experience, relationships with their consumers and how to use metrics/measurements to enhance their lead generation efforts.

With a strong history in traditional marketing fundamentals and business strategy Elizabeth was determined to add value through building brand engagement using a mesh of social business, traditional marketing fundamentals, and creative community building.

Life Offline
Blue Blazing Media works with one animal charity for the year. On a personal basis Elizabeth can be found traveling, speaking and indulging in a work/life balance through sports, adventure, travel blogger, hiking to summit of mountains, cardio and weight training just about anywhere.

As a Blue Blazing Media client we evaluate and design creative digital strategies to produce positive awareness around your brand. We align online marketing campaigns to compliment your current business and communication goals.

Elizabeth is passionate about online and social business development. Quite commonly Elizabeth shares the value of social ecosystems and helps you identify the elements in a variety of mediums that bring a pulse to your content and bring life and a solid lead generating source to your brand.

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