Series: Finding Hidden Values In Your Community’s Content In 2010

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Your community is diversified as your readers or viewers likes and dislikes differ. Everyone visits your site for different reasons with different expectations. A great community manager tests your content that works and content that does not. In conjunction with site traffic results it is easy to determine your community’s content strengths and weaknesses. Another service that I am a fan of is CrazyEgg and ClickTale. Crazy Egg show heat maps over your site, Cick tale shows you a video of your site. There is no right or wrong in this situation. You learn and adapt the site for better traffic results. One other great product is Tim Ash’s AttentionWizard. It tracks eye traffic when the site isn’t even out of development. I give you permission to test away!

Below is a little video I recorded last month on the SocialFresh Cruise. Too pretty to not share with my readers. Also, includes a sneak peek into my new company.


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