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Community building and management  is one of those areas in which I excel at. The enjoyment that I get by creating a “buzz” around a brand online to me is just well the cat’s meow. It is that raw talent that has inspired two other communities Women of Web 3.0 and

Recently, I attended the Social Fresh #SoCruise with a select group of distinguish group on individuals who are considered elite in their particular area of focus. It was a great opportunity to detox from the hustle and bustle of the daily activities of running an online media company. Amazingly the emails and texts were all still there when we pulled back into the Port of Miami.

The event held several hidden values. Most relevant would be the individuals on the trip. Face to face meetings always solidify the relationship.  Another hidden value was the solitude and ability to create multiple blogs posts and content when the email quieted. Finally, living in Arizona I did not realize how much I missed the water and Catamaran sailing upon it. Multihulls watch out, here I come.

In summary, I’m going to write a couple ebooks in the next couple months around the concept of adding value to your community,creating captivating content, how creating content and products actually creates opportunities for you and your brand and finally finding who your community personas actually are and the business model that glues it all together.


Whats is your favorite type of content? What do you click on first when you come to a new site?


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