Roosevelt Contemplating Spot

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Roosevelt Contemplating Spot

Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill is an amazing seclusion from the world. In the hey-day where I’d get the shakes if my wifi isn’t nearby it is hard to imagine the world and being left up to my own devices and only an early telephone to instruct the government to do in Washington.

Theodore Roosevelt had one of those personas that many men may never accomplish. This summer I was able to spend time sitting in Roosevelt’s office, trophies on the walls, Rough Rider’s gear hung quietly in the corner. Very hard to imagine the velocity of contemplating that was completed within those walls. More appealing to myself is knowing there was a porch. A long wrapping porch that himself and his entire family spent days just living on. The fun part of being in the home that Roosevelt spent 60% of his presidency governing from is knowing that you can make your world change from one tiny location.

The image is a partial view of the Long Island Sound from Roosevelt’s porch. Amazing solitude.

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