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Your Corporate Conference Speaker

  • We are very interested in exploring the following in 2013.
  • You need an industry speaker that focuses on online marketing, technology and corporate business online. (Conference Friendly) Click HERE
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Host and Caught on Film Options

  • Need a Tech-savvy Host to conduct interviews? Feature segment? (Video FriendlyClick Here
  • Need Content? Have a topic idea? If not, we always a whole bunch of relevant topics that will drive traffic to your site. We have lots of content series we are looking for a home with the major publications. Topics relevant to online business, thought leadership, digital marketing and healthy business. Click Here To Connect.
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Elizabeth Hannan Digital Lifestyle Expert

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Content! Content! Content!

  • In the 15 years as a  “corporate communications warrior” I blogged at
  • Lucky for you! Now all of the past years of digital marketing blog posts are located HERE!
  • We have a series of content segments that appeals to major publication audiences. They are looking for a home. Go here for full list of relevant content pieces.
  • The Book: Google+ For Search Optimization is publishing mid 2013 with Pearson Publishing. Be in the know!

Google plus for search enigine optimization book



Nautilius Media Solutions Instant Training

  • Training For Individuals – Training. Learn now what you can do tomorrow.
  • Want to setup your Linkedin Brand and use Linkedin to meet your needs? Need Google+ setup for your company or brand? You should! Google’s algorithm likes websites that are connected to Google Plus. Nautilus Media Solutions is for YOU! They offer simple instant training with a 30 day money back guarantee!  Learn today what you can do tomorrow.

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  • For Small Businesses – Need a simple marketing package to get your business in front of the right audience. Technology is such a drag. Social media setups and marketing packages available. is your solution! They implement and you hit the ground running!


  • Agency Services and is a nationally Large Business Agency Services recognized digital business agency serving large businesses for all their online marketing needs. They are unique! Defining the attributes of your customer buyer persona is a few steps they define a clear of view of who you should be marketing too. They implement a customer-centric point of view of your customer’s needs before your corporate ego. They take care of meeting client’s needs before corporate’s desires. The team lives user experience design daily. View their Packages and Consulting Services.
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Coaching My Business Successful Concepts To Entrepreneurs and Executives

  • Healthy YOU equals HEALTHIER Business Decisions.Healthy YOU means HEALTHIER Business Decisions. Living the life of an agency executive, just like the corporate environment can cost you your healthy. Constantly traveling and sitting costs you more than bad business. It costs you your health and energy.
  • and Zen Business School educate and promote launching a business online and a healthy life balance. Through our supportive community of 14,000 women executives and entrepreneurs we guide you through to the point of success with your online business. Our process has proven successful!
  • Love healthy you and healthy business? So do I! Running an agency and all that “Laptop-Love-Time” can cost you your health, happiness and energy. Spending more time flying to clients, conferences and not taking care of my own fitness took its toll. It started to affect me! grew to 14,ooo women readers! Wild to discover I wasn’t the only one!
  • We are launching better business school “Zen Business” school in 2013. Share all the the methodologies that affect your business. We teach you how to grow your business online and off. This is all about business conversions minus all the fluff!

Zen Business School is a new way of revamping your online business and Digital Lifestyle. Subscribe to know when we Launch.

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Digital Business Services Image