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We need a home on your morning or evening news network. Tales of Tech News segment is an Initiative from The Boardroom Bella series, moderated By Elizabeth Hannan.

Bringing Technology, Software and Apps to light that help balance and improve the daily like of business owners and entrepreneurs with out encumbering the very active adventurer or traveler.

The Boardroom Bella series brings Elizabeth Hannan from behind the laptop and boardroom to the front lines of media. She is an author, digital publisher, national keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur with 15 years experience in online marketing, public relations and developing communities and organizations both online and off.

A hug proponent of making life easier through Technology and Brand Experiences daily she strives to add simplicity to your technology. Twisted with a witty and seasoned sense of “real-life” humor makes for a relatable viewing by men and women demographics alike. 


In search of  a nationally syndicated TV news outlet with a younger and technology hip audience that is bombared by new technology and apps on a daily basis.

Desirable, 1x – 2x a week on morning/5pm  news 3-4 min segment discussing Technology Gadgets, Software,  Apps and Relatable accessories. (Travel gear, bags, etc.)

Additional content will be live tweeting Q&A sessions via UStream or other video to be embedded on media network site webpages. 

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Rough Cut “Tales of Tech” Sample Videos

These sample videos are not professional quality. We prefer the  authentic feel until professional video is needed.

Tech Tales Intro – Boardroom Bella

Tech Tales Demo 2 – Boardroom Bella

Tech Tales Demo 3 – Boardroom Bella

Tech Tales Demo 4 – Boardroom Bella

Tech Tales Demo 5 – Boardroom Bella


Distinctive Competence:

Elizabeth travels and speaks at technology, developer and online business and education conferences 1x – 2x a month all around the country. With this option, she is able to discover Technology when much of it is still in a Beta testing point. In addition, she is the Chief Digital Strategy Officer at, a national digital agency founded with a team of 17 that exists primarily in the cloud because of increased productivity.

In general, she practices what she preaches on a daily basis both online in business and as an active traveler.


Click Here to view Bio and Elizabeth’s Story


Boardroom Bella is an initiative based on combinations that came to light with the need to find life balance  and adventure both online and off. It sheds light on the entrepreneurial career -minded lifestyle that can run you raggid and impact your life and later your business with out acknowledgement. It emphases the need to acknowledge and plan to consume healthy food as well as exercise to keep you mentally and physically healthy and happy. It stems from Elizabeth’s site and and finally Elizabeth blogs at about online business and social – community based marketing.

This year, Elizabeth’s book Marketing Naked book is launching along with an online social business education platform and Blue Blazing Media’s Digital Publishing division. Her ongoing series highlighting “Game – Changers” interview series showcasing amazing entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that saw that they had to cut their own way in life to be successful and have pillaged through following their dreams, all success and challenges included. This video series is launching on ITunes in the fall.

Current Audience Numbers

      • 12, 756 Newsletter subscribers all interested in tech and entrepreneurship.
      • 12,300 Twitter followers
      • 3 Distinct Online Communities in 3 verticals with associate audiences ranging up to 6,000 readers weekly
      • 2,000 Facebook followers across 6 fan pages
      • Owner of 4 Linkedin Group >4,300 followers
      • Linkedin Personal Network >4,400 professional connections

The news segment audience should have potentially a strong interest in technology, gadgets, reviews, accessories and apps. This would be an ideal segment to grow or compliment your audience’s interest in Technology in 3 mins or less.

Sample Agreement

Selected network will provide a page on their site similar to the link below. All functionally to social sites and content that is social media sharable is required. (Duplication of content of functionality of the site is acceptable).

A monthly stipend salary will be required to cover time devoted to researching and creating media.

In addition, media news network will provide travels expenses and camera crew when E.H. does live technology reviews and interviews at technology conferences. I.E. CES 2012.

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