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Tech Segment 3

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Tech Segment 3

Fast Cats Catamaran Sailing

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Fast Cats Catamaran Sailing

Racing is a part of life. A to B then zig zag to get to Z.

In my family, racing Catamarans is the way we were raised. Nothing is more soothing then the cool breeze of the ocean air over the trampoline and the ocean mist rolling by.

Take time to live life off-line. The best parts are off-line.

Roosevelt Contemplating Spot

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Roosevelt Contemplating Spot

Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill is an amazing seclusion from the world. In the hey-day where I’d get the shakes if my wifi isn’t nearby it is hard to imagine the world and being left up to my own devices and only an early telephone to instruct the government to do in Washington.

Theodore Roosevelt had one of those personas that many men may never accomplish. This summer I was able to spend time sitting in Roosevelt’s office, trophies on the walls, Rough Rider’s gear hung quietly in the corner. Very hard to imagine the velocity of contemplating that was completed within those walls. More appealing to myself is knowing there was a porch. A long wrapping porch that himself and his entire family spent days just living on. The fun part of being in the home that Roosevelt spent 60% of his presidency governing from is knowing that you can make your world change from one tiny location.

The image is a partial view of the Long Island Sound from Roosevelt’s porch. Amazing solitude.

Times of Legacy

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Times of Legacy

This summer was laid out to outline the definitive end of my mini-sabbatical. I have the excellent honor of spending time on Long Island with Ms. Hoest. Those that do not know Ms. Hoest know of her husband who was the creator of  The Lockhorns. To say she is amazing in her 80’s is an understatement. Quite frankly, I am not sure if I could have even kept up with her at Studio 54 in NYC during the 1970’s.

After the lunch we had her thoughts shared made me contemplate the legacy we leave as we cut in our careers as we grow. Each summer we enjoy a private party of all the cartoonists in the tri-state area. Old and new it makes for an exciting group of members my father being one of the Burnt Toast Gang.


Online Community Bonds

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Online Community Bonds women entrepreneurs supporting each other in business. Even better in real life!!

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A full service national digital agency with customer-centric point of view.

  • Consulting and custom strategy services for the Inc 1000 companies
  • Small Business instant products. Social media on the go product accommodate your needs. (No strategy included)
  • Blogging about Technology that enhances you.

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“Online entrepreneurs find adventure offline and living a healthy life balance”

A collection of entrepreneurial adventures living healthy lives. Blog

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Elizabeth covers three  main topics:

  • The benefit of embracing your User Experience
  • Finding your “Community and Content Sweet-Spot” unique to your audience
  • Brand Examiner
  • Technology Insight
  • The Age of The Consumer Business