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Google Plus for Search Engine Optimization Book

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Google Plus for Search Engine Optimization Book

Be included.

  • Know what you can do tomorrow to improve your results in search results.
  • Understand the basics of Google Plus and its effect on you.
  • Implement tips on Adwords, Ad Retargeting and paid advertising placement.
  • Learn what other elements of Google you need to implement to survive future Google search updates.
  • Follow a roadmap how to launch your business on Google Plus successfully.

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Homeless Content Topics

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Homeless Content Topics

 Content Topics:

Travel Healthy –

  • Do the fitness math: travel nutrition is killing you.
  • Why do road-trips make us misbehave and neglect our fitness and nutrition.
  • In a land of fast moving start-ups and new technologies purchasing a new vehicle is vapidly slow.
  • The basis still rule true. Healthy You = Healthy Business and a Happier Life!
  • Enroute to the the hotels with the healthiest options.

Entrepreneurial Business

  • Keep going, you will get there.
  • A Baker’s dozen of tips I learned in 15 years of business.
  • This is your team:7 attribute your should look for when assembling your team.
  • On the hunt for the best entrepreneurial attributes

Online Business

  • What is the new Digital Direct Marketing and why are there more millionaires in short periods of time?
  • Channeling your inner savant into amazing online business.
  • 7 Ways you can generate passive income from while you are at work.
  • Profit + Purpose = the new normal.
  • Online education:
  • 9 individuals rewriting the basics of Digital Direct Marketing online
  • Job seekers unite. 5 quick ways to enhance your resume and be searchable


My story and a little bio about me below.


Brief  Bio

Elizabeth is a fast paced and successful woman entrepreneur who favors user-experience companies. Through her national agency ( and her 15 years in technology she enjoys the daily dish of solid technology and implementing it in real world business.
“User Experience is everything. I’m in love with data and science. Human Psychology makes happy. I integrate all four and 15 years in online marketing strategy and search to build successful online businesses. Breaking down algorithms into actionable items is a daily activity for me. I break down psychological research and business case studies into simple, actionable steps to improve your  H.E.O. “Experience”.
As a side hobbies she moonlights as a “Digital Lifestyle Pundit” for the local news. She demonstrates how Technology should make our lives easier and NOT more difficult! She also educated parents about everything online so that they understand what their kids already know. Smarter is better than ignorant. Educating and embracing tech-savvy kids is the way of the future.

Her Mantra:
Healthy You = Healthy Business! Through she relates to her community of c-level executives and entrepreneurs. Encouraging them to find healthier options when traveling. In late 2013, Zen Business school will launch offering business and healthy life training. Guiding her users to passive income hopefully, helping others loos interest in the road warrior lifestyle.

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Getting The Most From Jive From The Hive

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Getting The Most From Jive From The Hive


 H ello my fellow online adventurers! A few years ago, (seems like a million days ago in online time) I started this little blog called JiveFromTheHive.  After 15 years of digital and search engine optimization it was time to share my knowledge with those that would listen. I would indulge in blogging late at night after fulfilling my corporate responsibilities. Jive From The Hive offers a bunch of knowledge and tips but there is a spice of my opinions embedded in there as well.


Lets Face Facts 

Fast forward to 2013, my team is amazing at Blue Blazing Media and hundreds of clients later we are growing. With my years of hands-on digital online business knowledge it isn’t always the easiest to help other who wish to launch their own companies at that level. So we are growing!

You are here because you want insight and ideas to bring back to your home base that are successful. You want to learn more from thought leaders in the industry…yesterday…right?

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Full disclaimer: I am a digital marketer but more true is I’m a Ny-er. I am not a fan of fluff and BS. This means most of content is fun and gets to the point quickly! I am a big fan of brevity and fun daily!


My Business Life Organized & Projects & Contributions

Blue Blazing Media –  Digital Marketing Business. Social Business, Experience Design and Digital Search Agency with a 360 Degree Customer-Centric Point of View. We offer kick-starter consulting Examiner packages. Products, packages, services and online education you have asked for. Ideal for corporate clients > 1 million in annual revenue.  – Small Business Services.  Need a simple marketing package to get your business in front of the right audience. Technology is such a drag. Social media setups and marketing packages available. is your solution! They implement and you hit the ground running!

Get Off The Beaten PathMy personal newsletter. Quite frankly, it’s the mecca of topics from me. Everything I don’t blog about ends up in my newsletter. Special invites, discount, BETA trial, etc is rewarded to my newsletter readers first. If I think it will help you or I find amazing people I highlight it all there. Subscribe

When To ZenHealthy You equals Healthy Business. Healthy minded traveling women entrepreneurs and executives living healthy and balanced lifestyles through adventure and fun offline! If it makes life fun and easier than it’s shared here. Subscribe

Zen Business School Launching mid 2013. Full training for our 14, 000 women c-level executives and entrepreneurs. Learn to launch your business online.

Podcasting Content That You Will Love – Interviews with Game-ChangersComing soon. Everyone on the Off The Beaten Path newsletter will know about them first.

Speaking – It’s all here.


Need to reach me directly? 

Contact me. I am very open to connecting and communicating!

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Time, is there ever really enough?

A couple of years ago I stopped blogging because I had to focus on building a national agency, a business that would be successful. It took all my time and efforts to assemble. my personality dictates if your going to do something innovative it should take your best efforts and not be a half-ass attempt.

I am especially thankful to my friends in the industry who supported and offered open ears when I was processing next steps, for being constructive critics, sounding boards and honing my well researched ideas into implementable strategies.


What I learned during my sabbatical from blogging.

Experience is everything.

Do what you are uncomfortable doing

As an “Introvert Forced Extrovert” I very uncomfortably flung myself into very social situations. It was helpful to destroy all my internal inhibitions and start fresh. My New Comfort Zone – Uncomfortable is the new normal. Quickly, uncomfortable becomes comfortable. I love to “hack-through it” now as a normal state of mind.

Re-branding for the revolution

I love the technical and educated business strategies but lets face it your clients come to you for guidance and knowledge. It is your responsibility to educate them not drown them in information. Developing and documenting processes and selling products that fit our three buyer personas.

Reinventing Your Goals and Creating “Fun” time

One of the major reasons I had to cut back on blogging was my balanced healthy lifestyle was getting crushed. First and foremost is always your own personal health. If you feel off or are over working yourself it affects you inside and out. It affects your physical body and judgement and overall state of being. If you are not optimistic and have passion for what you do then it shows outwardly. I went from fitness modeling with an intense routine to fully immersed in building my online business. It took its toll physically. Amazingly, when the first half of your life is spent in athletics and training how easily and quickly your body is become sedimentary when you sit for long periods of time. Now, I share how I got back to feeling like a million bucks and my fitness routine balanced and found daily FUN again. More about this at



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Do you have some ideas to share? What about online marketing and digital do want to know more about?

About US Page : Don’t Go In Naked, Just K.I.S.S.

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About US Page : Don’t Go In Naked, Just K.I.S.S.

Have you ever thought about what makes you memorable to others? Face to face meeting is the easy part but what about when you are found online first? Whether you are a corporate entity or a personal brand online representation can become lost in a sea of anonymity. It is always the relationship and trust that builds the friendship and makes the sale.


It Is time to “Get Off The Beaten Path?”

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It Is time to “Get Off The Beaten Path?”

It’s it time to get away from every “new” marketing technique? Join me and enjoy a laugh or two as we touch on people highlighted because they are making it happen. Technology that helps instead of hurts. With the occasional marketing guidance included. Yup, I always share how I achieved my success.

We go for positive “End User Experience” instead of the spam experience.

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tech 17

Community Managers: What Is Better A Positive Endorsement Or A Detailed Complaint?

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Community Managers: What Is Better A Positive Endorsement Or A Detailed Complaint?

I have this debate going with a client of Blue Blazing Media. So you have your community and it is rocking and rolling and the feedback and interaction is grand. But the question that comes into debate is how does this exposure translate in to a value for the company, business or individual? Where are the hints of trouble that act as bread crumbs to build your business in a positive fashion?

Which is a more valuable response: A positive endorsement OR a negative complaint?


Why Your Community Management Kinda Sucks

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Why Your Community Management Kinda Sucks

So those who know me know I have taken time off to write and plan my next big business endeavors and expose some small accomplishments in the next couple weeks. I’ve tended to working with elite group of clients and taking on a few pre-selected clients. Regaining a solid platform and setting sights on some new goals. With several new community and content sites launching in the Fall and Yup! I’m excited! (more…)