Iconoclast Mastermind Group

If you have come here we both know why. You have mastered your own niche domain and online business is a synch. You may have completed the Zen Business school or apprenticed with Elizabeth Hannan. Digital Direct Marketing is a breeze. You are here because you have been invited here because of your talents and successes.

What is an Iconoclast?

A person who works outside the common ” business box” to achieve higher success and financial freedom. By thinking outside the box they are able to create new formulas for success and build new best practices within the ever-changing landscape of online business. They maximize the affects and rewards by using all available tools and technologies.

Lemons to Lemonade is a the norm in online business. You see Lemonade where everyone else rolls their eyes at the sight of Lemons.

Break the box. Grow through current limitations. Redefine the landscape of business to fit your needs, not fit into current business box.

Iconoclasts - Lemons to Lemonade

Benefits To You

  • Annual invite to annual trip for all members to live brainstorm with accomplished members. The best and brightest attend.
  • Business formulas for growth and new technologies are discussed.
  • You bring your ideas and leave with a business road-map how to implement for the most gains in the following year.
  • 6x a year private webinar calls to discuss goals and business tactics.
  • These are the best and the brightest in the industry and a confidential group. Limited to top 20 most recognized and successful individuals generating 7 figure income passively online.
  • Best practices are presented and shared. Online formulas for success are shares. We help each other!
  • We support each other in cross-promotional ways.



  • You must gross net worth of >2 million annual primarily accumulated through online products, content related media or other with a large online business currently in place.
  • Must be willing to bring ideas and success/failures to the table. This group is focused on helping each other and the greater good on online business. No black-hat.
  • You must be invited in by a present member or management. All nominees will be vetted before official invitation is extended.
  • Everyone brings a value to the group, this is usually a speciality or niche. The annual group is hand-picked.
  • Annual Dues 2013 = $ 5,499.00 (2) year membership


What This Group Is Not

  • Level one you are learning the basics of online marketing.
  • A mentor-ship. The members are all a superior, and accomplished in business level within this group.