How Do You Overcome Communication Obstacles?

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Creating content that all of your network or community enjoys all of the time is nearly impossible. It is Fall and my favorite season of the year. Everything changes and abruptly. I’m taking advantage of this and I suggest you do as well.

The way I communicate through specific mediums is changing. I usually communicate directly through twitter, text messages or through speaking gigs. Apparently, I do loose of connection points by not following through after the first touch point. Most often this happens after events and conferences. So in attempt to ignite new friendships and to continue to build on past relationships I’ve started a newsletter.

Recipe – It will consist of the following:

  • (1) part “What is new in my world.”

(usually secrets, or something new that I don’t circulate openly. new sites, projects, etc.)

  • (1) part “Something helpful or tip related to online Marketing.”
  • (1) part “Tell me about you. What’s happening in your world? How can I be helpful?”

It is my new recipe to get to know my network better, establish more touch points and extend relationships. In all reality, I will only get to send a newsletter once every full moon.

My first attempt: “Falling Into Change” Newsletter

Definitely, express your thoughts and ideas. I would love to keep improving on it.


How do you overcome communication obstacles?

How do you connect with your network? Build new trusting relationship?

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