Homeless Content Topics

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Homeless Content Topics

 Content Topics:

Travel Healthy –

  • Do the fitness math: travel nutrition is killing you.
  • Why do road-trips make us misbehave and neglect our fitness and nutrition.
  • In a land of fast moving start-ups and new technologies purchasing a new vehicle is vapidly slow.
  • The basis still rule true. Healthy You = Healthy Business and a Happier Life!
  • Enroute to the the hotels with the healthiest options.

Entrepreneurial Business

  • Keep going, you will get there.
  • A Baker’s dozen of tips I learned in 15 years of business.
  • This is your team:7 attribute your should look for when assembling your team.
  • On the hunt for the best entrepreneurial attributes

Online Business

  • What is the new Digital Direct Marketing and why are there more millionaires in short periods of time?
  • Channeling your inner savant into amazing online business.
  • 7 Ways you can generate passive income from while you are at work.
  • Profit + Purpose = the new normal.
  • Online education:
  • 9 individuals rewriting the basics of Digital Direct Marketing online
  • Job seekers unite. 5 quick ways to enhance your resume and be searchable


My story and a little bio about me below.


Brief  Bio

Elizabeth is a fast paced and successful woman entrepreneur who favors user-experience companies. Through her national agency ( and her 15 years in technology she enjoys the daily dish of solid technology and implementing it in real world business.
“User Experience is everything. I’m in love with data and science. Human Psychology makes happy. I integrate all four and 15 years in online marketing strategy and search to build successful online businesses. Breaking down algorithms into actionable items is a daily activity for me. I break down psychological research and business case studies into simple, actionable steps to improve your  H.E.O. “Experience”.
As a side hobbies she moonlights as a “Digital Lifestyle Pundit” for the local news. She demonstrates how Technology should make our lives easier and NOT more difficult! She also educated parents about everything online so that they understand what their kids already know. Smarter is better than ignorant. Educating and embracing tech-savvy kids is the way of the future.

Her Mantra:
Healthy You = Healthy Business! Through she relates to her community of c-level executives and entrepreneurs. Encouraging them to find healthier options when traveling. In late 2013, Zen Business school will launch offering business and healthy life training. Guiding her users to passive income hopefully, helping others loos interest in the road warrior lifestyle.

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