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Life moves fast and our daily activities of maintaining our own health and families takes a balancing act.

Our daily duties revolve around our smart phones, tablets, social platforms, finding online time, job related tasks, healthy fitness.

We live in a time of an unlimited wealth of information and unlimited gadgets. The magnitude of life has hit warp speed for us as adults and the next generation our children.

At this point, we all have reached a point where our lives have collided with technology. Innovation becomes a reality very quickly. The concept to need to learn about new online technologies to keep up with trends, fitness and our kids is a pertinent  topic.


Those ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day with such devices, compared with less than six and a half hours seven years ago, when the study was last conducted. And that does not count the hour and a half that youths spend texting, or the half-hour they talk on their cellphones.

And because so many of them are multitasking — say, surfing the Internet while listening to music — they pack on average nearly 11 hours of media content into that seven and a half hours. – NY Times


Elizabeth, and her team scour the dynamic world of mobile and tablet apps, gear, technology, websites and social platforms for the best that make life easier. We travel to the far corners to attend conferences and events and meet with some of the top start-ups in philanthropy, education and travel. We review several different topics with several intentions in mind.


The technology, applications, social media platforms and gear should make our lives easier and happier. Less complication and more simplicity.


Our focus can vary to meet the need of almost any audience. Elizabeth curtails all presentations and discussions to meet the needs of your particular audiences interested in lifestyle enhancement through technology and education. (We have a special love of segments and late show audiences!)

Current Projects and Initiatives

Starting July 1:

Tech Tales – 60 in 60 – 60 Tech Tips in 60 Days For Parents


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