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 Elizabeth Hannan

The Pitch:

Elizabeth Hannan is a communications strategist, agency-experienced online marketer, a seasoned corporate executive,  a community brand development specialist, accomplished in Social PR and a default serial entrepreneur. Over the last 15 years she has developed and executed strategies that have  earned over 2 million in excess revenue annually  by determining the best digital tools for that industry. Self taught coder she hacked her way through learning SEO in 1997.

Living a digital lifestyle can take a toll on your health.  Realizing her energy  and zest for life was in peril she  implemented the concept that GOOD HEALTH EQUALS BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS.  Through  her current  companies and new venture into online companies she  offers coaching to 14, 000 women entrepreneurs and  C-Level executives through Launching late in 2013, Zen Business School.

Zen Business School with train you how to use the inter webs to sell for you. You will build brands from small and unnoticed to accomplished brand recognition through community development and enabling clients through education.

Online marketing is 19 million industry. Isn’t it time you got health and  learned how to implement your own business online?

“Some individuals claim to have muffin-top issues. I went from fitness model to lap-top ass. It wasn’t pretty…”


Why I do this…

Communication is key to everything. Good, Bad, whatever comes your way.

  • Creative stories bond humans through commonality.
  • Communities and Content build trusted brands, not individuals. Find your Sweet-Spot.
  • Defining a positive User Experience is most important and breeds leads.
  • Keep updated: What technology and tools can enhance your current process?
  • Complimentary team distinction builds strength to your internal track.


Elizabeth Hannan is a business communication strategist, agency-experienced online marketer, a seasoned corporate executive, a community brand development specialist, accomplished in social PR and by default a serial entrepreneur.

Over the past 15 years she has developed and experienced a clear hands on understanding of what defines a business as successful and the key factors that need to be present for a business to be successful in the age of “Relationship Economy”. Utilizing business developmental strategy, technology, the social web, formulas and algorithms, and analytical metrics Elizabeth suggests the best Call-To-Action procedures to enhance your business. Elizabeth also consults with developing and establish brands to maximize on the value of creative campaigns building on a solid solid lead generation strategy with longevity in mind.

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  • -85 Broads – Member Spotlight
  • -Young Athena Women in Leadership Nominee 2012, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • -Arizona’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Under 2011
  • Recognized source for main stream media pubications