Buzz Voice: OMG My Blog Reads To Me!

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I originally met John Atkinson at South By Southwest in 2010 (SXSW) in the blogger lounge. He had a very unusual product and being a tech junkie I had to try it. John and his partner Roy Georgia had developed a product that easily installs on your blog and reads your posts to anyone who visits. It also is compatible on mobile products, PC and so on. You can tell a lot of testing and research went into this product. Even the audio software is clear and crisp!

There is a hidden value to his product; as marketers we try to get our message out accross different channels. Audio is an excellent and non-intrusive channel to communicate and is very similar to podcasting. We don’t need visual to absorb new information and audio is a whole different way to communicate. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into a new medium?

On a personal note, I read a lot sometimes probably too much. What really gets my attention is I love background audio as I work. As a strategist you have to keep on top of technology that fits the bill. I find it easier to absorb pertinent points even when multi-tasking on other projects. Most days it is 1010wins but in the last year I’ve moved over to Buzz Voice because the stream all the top blog and news sources. Seriously, happy I met John and now my blog talks as well! Check out the and their blog for your own.

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Jive From The Hive via BuzzVoice



  1. What techie products do you use to maximize your blog or site?
  2. Do you multi-task during your work day? What does your work site look like?



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