Are You Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

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I try my best to be a problem solver to everyone I connect with. I like to be helpful in general.

In this day and age you would think we as a community would have more solutions to common problems. Such as communicating and being helpful to others.

Seemingly, with my daily experiences I run more and more into large companies and individuals who have no solutions and always more problems. If I have a problem and I ask you for help its because I’m trying to solve the problem or trying to make a plan to solve a problem.

When I meet with clients and they have an issue that needs resolving that is outside of the scope of our arrangement and they ask for advice for a new solution I offer to help. Its good business karma and it strengthens your relationship. So why wouldn’t you help?

Seriously, keeping everything within reason; is it actually that hard to selflessly try to solve a problem and help someone else? Next time someone asks you to help them determine a solution be ingenious, be smart and be helpful. You will feel better.

“Helpful Individuals are Priceless Company”

Here are a few individuals that have helped me this week. They also go above and beyond to help their communities online:

Add to the list: who do you find helpful online? Feel free to post their name and URL below!

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