What You Don’t Know


Here is a couple extra tidbits I learned by crashing hard and often in business and life:


  • Fail fast and hard, pick yourself up learn from your challenge and do it better. Defeated is a sate of mind.
  • I recently picked up Stand-Up Paddle boarding, must say I don’t suck at it too much as of right now.
  • Ever Start-Up is Lean until it is Fat.
  • Be your own SUPER- HERO! I am a comic book fiend and super fan of Marvel and a little DC ( but won’t admit it publicly). My dad got me into collecting and we are closing in on over 20K in comics now ranging back to the 1970’s.
  • Last year, I grew into branding myself as a Digital Lifestyle Expert. Seems like a good idea to put 15+ years of search and marketing into a mainstream. Plus, I love gear and technology. Parent’s don’t get it and kids do. Fun times!
  • Technology should make our daily lives easier not more difficult.
  • Nerding-out and exploring technologies with other stimulating minds is my second favorite past time to fitness. Surrounding myself with other great minds gives me goose bumps. Good company and stimulating constructive conversation is an amazing commodity!
  • I started coding for SEO pre-Google… yeah baby Lycos!! (scary- do the math yourself)
  • I have a 5 year plan and am competitive in business. Love a good challenge. Usually, I’m the first one in to make it work when everyone else gives up.
  • The word employee and it’s definition is another term for stagnation and lack of growth.
  • Summit Everything! Every since I was a kid I climb things, still do! Makes me hyper except for the down part, heights make me nervous.
  • Sweat hard and often. Many people seem to forget what you can actually accomplish as just you. We restrict ourselves for no good reason.
  • Try everything once and take pictures!
  • My company is completely based in the clouds. Talent is not geographically related!!  ‘Excellent talented passionate’ individuals are not based in one location.
  • Every online property, product, package I sell is based on an “Integrity Pledge”. Hate the snake oil salesman of the online world.
  • Stretch often! 14 years of Yoga, 12 years of Snow-boarding. I snow-boarded the Winter Olympics hills right before the Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.
  • I like fun and games! I traded in the BMW for the Huge lifted Truck for FUN in Arizona.
  • If you are not in it to win it why are you in my way?
  • Give-give-give! I only give to animal charities and my family.